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Situation & Studio Test

Situation & Studio Test

In this course students will be prepared specially for NIFT Situation test and NID Studio test. This course is only for those students who have cleared their entrance examination. The structure of this course is very different as the main focus is to prepare the candidate for SITUATION-STUDIO test, GD & PI.

NIFT Situation Test– This is the last and most important step in order to get into NIFT campuses. In this practical examination students are required to create a 3D model with the use of the materials provided to them on the spot. The duration is of two hours. Students are judged on the basis of the creation of the model with those materials. Students are also required to caption the model and explain it with a write-up


NID STUDIO TEST-NID conducts studio test for the candidates who have cleared NID first phase exam. This test carries 50% weightage. Candidates are given a set of materials with which they are asked to create different innovative models and come up with new designs. It can include doodling concept, clay modelling, 3D model making etc. This is one of the most deciding factor in cracking NID exam.


Course Features-

  • Classes by NIFT/NID experts.
  • Model preparation classes on the pattern of NIFT/NID.
  • Classes on 3D modelling, doodling & portfolio preparation.
  • Mock interviews.
  • Special mock tests on the pattern of NIFT/NID.
  • Last 10 yrs papers discussion.
  • Free study materials & stationary.
  • Doubt clearing sessions.
  • 24/7 online support.
  • Audio-Visual round preparation.
  • Free material kit on the pattern of NIFT/NID.
  • Special focus on weak students.
  • Interactive sessions.